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    All children are important to us.


    Headlines & Features

    • 2020 Graduation

      LaGrange Seniors graduate on May 23rd. Please click on READ FULL STORY to view the 2020 LaGrange High Graduation

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    • 2020-21 Remind Codes

      Stay connected and stay informed by signing up for LAGRANGE CLASS REMIND. Please sign up by GRADUATION YEAR AND BY LAST NAME. No Nicknames please. Click on READ FULL STORY for all Remind Codes.

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    • Physical Exams for ALL Athletes

      Physicals for 2020-21 school year for athletic teams will take place at Barbe High school on May 30th. An updated physical will be required for all athletes participating in summer workouts/practices with their team. Incoming freshmen will need to come at the assigned time of the school they will be attending. The cost is $5.00. LaGrange students should arrive by 1:15 pm. You are asked to please enter the campus from WEAVER RD. Athletes can be dropped off in the foyer area of the boys' gym and picked up in front of the school. Temperature checks will be done before entry into gym.

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    • LG Cheer Try-outs!

      Are you interested in becoming a LG Cheerleader? Click on READ FULL STORY to download and access application and constitution.

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    • Summer School Information: 9th - 11th grade

      9th - 11th grade students will be allowed to take repeat courses only in core courses. Summer school classes will be online. Summer school will run from May 26 - July 13. Students will be allowed to take up to 2 courses. All courses will be free of charge. Students interested in summer school should contact their counselor by email or phone to complete the registration process.

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    • 2020-21 Volleyball Information

      Are you interested in playing volleyball for LaGrange High School? Click on READ FULL STORY for the volleyball registration link

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    • START Savings Program

      The staff at LOSFA are celebrating 529 Day! 529 Day is recognized on May 29 as the National 529 College Savings Plan Day. States across the country promote the importance of saving for college and the benefits of having a 529 Account.

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    • Procedures for Collecting Personal Items

      LaGrange High School Procedures for Collecting Personal Items. We have scheduled times for students to retrieve any items from lockers or teachers. We will practice Social Distancing and students are to exit immediately after collecting their items. This time will also be an opportunity to return any items (books, uniforms, technology, etc..) or materials that are property of Calcasieu Parish School Board & LaGrange High School. Please place items in a bag or envelope and label with student’s name and grade if possible. Tuesday May 19, 2020 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM – Seniors (12TH Grade) 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM – Juniors (11th Grade) Thursday May 21, 2020 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM – Sophomores (10th Grade) 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM – Freshman (9th Grade)

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    • Attention Seniors: You Filled out the FAFSA, Now What!

      You completed the FAFSA. Now What? Please click on the link to view the quick video.

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    • Technology Update

      TECHNOLOGY UPDATES CPSB will soon be rolling out 12 school buses equipped with mobile Wi-Fi throughout the district in an effort to provide free Wi-Fi to any staff, students or community members that are in need. The buses will be spread throughout the district and Wi-Fi usage data will be used to determine if a bus needs to relocate. We ask that you maintain the social distancing protocol while using these Wi-Fi hotspots by parking near the bus but staying in your vehicle at all times. Once these buses are dispersed, we will be sharing locations with the public.

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    • Congratulations Lisa R...Composite All American Track Team!!

      Congratulations to senior, Lisa Rious for making the Composite All Academic Track Team! To earn Composite Team honors, a student-athlete’s six-semester GPA must have an un-weighted 4.00. The composite team will be honored at the LHSAA state events.

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    • Instructions to access your School Email Account

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    • 2020-21 School Schedules

      Did you meet with a counselor to schedule your 2020-21 courses? If not, PLEASE click on READ FULL STORY. You will schedule your 2020-21 class schedule through email. Please do not wait. Instructions are listed by clicking READ FULL STORY.

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    • ACT Registration - Deadlines

      Planning to take the NEXT ACT Exam? Click on READ FULL STORY for upcoming registration deadlines. Please note: at this time there will be no ACT waivers issued.

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      Need help completing the FAFSA? No problem. It's only a phone call away. Contact Lela's FAFSA HELPline - (844) 463-2372. They have had tremendous success with phone completions. ALSO, Seniors, please submit your FAFSA waiver letter to Ms. White or forward FAFSA APPROVAL email to kia.white@cpsb.org. Remember, FAFSA documentation is needed for graduation.

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    GATOR Matrix

    • G-Generous 






    • Get School Wide Text Messages!

      Sign up for REMIND BY your LAST NAME 

      Sign up ONLY 1 TIME

      NO Nicknames please




      Seniors (Class of 2021) REMIND

      Phone number: 81010

      Sign up by Last Name 

      A-G code: @lg21ag

      H-Q code: @lg21hq

      R-Z code:  @lg21rz


      Juniors (Class of 2022)

      Phone Number: 81010

      A-G code: @lg22ag

      H-Q code: @lg22hq

      R-Z code:  @lg22rz


      Sophomores (Class of 2023)

      Phone Number: 81010

      A-G code: @lg23ag

      H-Q code: @lg23hq

      R-Z code:  @lg23rz


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    Vision Statement

    • We will create opportunities for every student to graduate from LaGrange High School.


    Mission Statement

    We will provide the appropriate pathways and ensure the students pass their courses and required tests.?

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